Coming Back and Looking Forward

WelcomeDominican’s campus holds a special place in my heart.  Living on campus as a resident only strengthens my love of these century-old grounds.  Since I am now starting my final year at DU, I really hope to savor what this campus has to offer, like the over-abundance of watermelon available in the Dining Hall.

DU Fest, as I have mentioned before, is a very Dominican-way to kick-off the fall semester.  Hundreds of community-members flocked to the Quad to enjoy the beautiful weather.  DU Fest seems to improve with age; in least it has a unique feel each year.  The experience is all the more memorable and intense by representing a student organization.  With University Ministry, my peers and I gave out corn-on-the-cob.  My fellow minister-leader Terry received an epiphany from a higher power, namely that corn-on-the-cob is a modern-day symbol of Jesus…

Friends like Terry remind of why I go to Dominican University.  The compassion and joy shared among friends is the key ingredient in experiencing memories that are sure to last.  These positive relationships are easily found, if you are open to the possibilities.  After a year away from the Alumnae/i Offices, I look forward to continuing my on-campus job in the Annual Giving “phonathon” office.  The supervisor and co-workers actually celebrate the nature of this important work.  We have the best pick-up lines…

This fall, I'm feeling victorious after obtaining a new internship for the fall semester.  Following the recent death of beloved bioethicist Fr. Kevin O’Roarke, OP, Dominican and the Neiswanger Bioethics Institute have collaborated to offer an online-communication internship.  At the bioethics institute in Maywood, my responsibilities include managing the institute’s social media efforts.  A major part of this work will happen through building relationships with the faculty and staff.  Through subsequent interviews, I will know what direction to take my work.

College is such an important time in life.  The future anxiety of being a full-fledged adult hangs over the heads of most students.  Not long into their higher education experience, students learn why taking the time for coursework pays off.  With much hope and determination, academics can flow into an internship, which can then flow into full-time work.  Four years is a fair amount of time to prepare for the rest of life.  Few things are better than feeling prepared.   

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