Carpe Diem

It’s hard to find a word suitable to describe this day. Nice…beautiful…lovely…none of these really do the day justice. Today deserves a special word. Glorious.

I have to admit, I was more than skeptical when the weather report said it was supposed to be 75 degrees today. But, as any Midwesterner knows, the weather loves surprising people. After a good two weeks of low to mid fifties and two entire days of rain and gloom, today’s Indian summer is just as welcome as it is random.

Dominican’s campus was alive with activity. I was thrilled to see many students taking advantage of the weather. Shorts were pulled from the depths of drawers and donned with eagerness. Students were sprawled out in the quad, strumming their guitars and having impromptu jam sessions with their friends. Students lined the many benches across campus, previously chronically unoccupied. Everyone seemed extra industrious and thrilled with life.

Days like these make me unbearably happy. I donned my whitest skirt and my reddest sweater and practically skipped to class, a giant smile on my face. We flung the windows open in German class and breathed in great gusts of fresh, warm fall air. I plucked a few flowers from the flower beds—probably not a habit I should get in to, lest the grounds keepers find out, but I could not resist.

Today I was reminded of the phrase “carpe diem” which is Latin for “seize the day”. To me, it is virtually impossible not to carpe diem on a day like today—a day when the campus is alive with a flurry of activity, the sun is shining with beautiful intensity and it is literally the perfect temperature. It’s much harder to seize the day on a day like yesterday, for example, when the rain and clouds seemed to depress everyone’s mood (or mine, at least). As far as I’m concerned, this is just fine. After all, if we didn’t have gloomy days we would never be able to appreciate the glorious ones.

Studying hard for an exam or passing a test or volunteering your time—these are all ways to seize a day (even a rainy one). Don’t let anything (or anyone) hold you back. When people give you strange looks for being so happy, smile back at them. If someone says that you can’t achieve something, don’t listen (unless it’s something like hang gliding without a parachute…). And always remember that there is no such thing as being too excited about something.

Dominican is the perfect place to carpe diem. There is always something beautiful going on, whether it is a good deed drive, a musical concert or mass in the Rosary chapel. The campus is constantly beautiful, no matter what the season and the faculty and staff are chronically helpful and optimistic.

Glorious days like this one refuel and reenergize us. We can store up this energy and use it on the not-so-glorious days. If we seize each and every day, we can turn gloomy days into glorious ones with a pinch of optimism, a sprinkle of happiness and a dash of joy. Glorious Days

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