Bowling, Scholarship, Leadership and Discovery

The trees surrounding campus are bursting with fall colors.  The entrance to Lewis Hall is draped in purple and red vines.  The ground is covered with large, newly fallen leaves.  The trees in the Mazzuchelli courtyard of Parmer Hall are glimmering at night with bright white lights.  The cool Midwest weather has yet to stay below 50 degrees.  Dominican’s campus and the surrounding area are abuzz with student activity!

As autumn arrives so does Monday Night Bowling at Circle Lanes.  Students take the Dominican shuttle to the Green Line stop, at the corner of Harlem and Lake, and then they walk five to ten minutes south to Circle Avenue in Forest Park.  Crowds of students arrive each first evening of the week to socialize, compete for the highest score, and some have fun bowling with bumpers.  Food trays provided for the event allow students to fill their late night appetites.

Scholarship is abuzz at Dominican.  In one of the Honors Language Arts and Science Junior Seminars, taught by Professor David Perry, students are working on their self-directed final projects.  After learning about Darwinian evolution and the history of eugenics, while also looking forward to the topic of disabilities in America, students are now called to choose a related topic of interest for further research.  I have chosen to research the work of Teilhard de Chardin, whose theories include the noosphere and the ultrahuman.  My overarching question is as follows: In what way – and how – does de Chardin believe human evolution is now in the realm of neurological and spiritual development?

Wednesday, October 18, was the second leadership workshop of the academic year called DU Lead.  The workshops are facilitated by Assistant Director of Student Involvement Katie Kramer, who is also the staff advisor for the Campus Activities Board and director of the freshman Emerging Leaders Retreat.  Each workshop participant receives a code for an online survey called Strengths Quest to find out his/her top five leadership strengths.  Achiever, Belief, Connectedness, Developer, Input, and Learner are some examples of strengths found through the survey.  At the workshops students discuss the benefits, stereotypes, and areas of growth related to their strengths. Discover Dominican

The Discover Dominican event is just under a month from now.  This three hour-long group event includes a student-led campus tour and an academic and activities fair, where both faculty and staff will be available to answer questions.  Both prospective freshmen and transfer students are welcome to attend.  I will likely be at the event to talk about university ministry, and possibly even the communications department since I am the student assistant for faculty.   Make sure to RSVP!  

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