Alisa Beyer


Job Title

Adjunct Faculty - Psychology


Beyer's research interests include parent-child interactions and their influence on children's cognitive processes, social construction of memory and the role of knowledge in cognitive processes. Research projects she has worked on include:

  • Naturally Occurring Conversations and the Elicited Reminiscing Task: Consistency of Style Within and Across Conversations (Society)
  • Conversations Before, During and a Dental Exam: Exploring Linkages to Children's Event Memory.
  • Meaning and Memory: How Mothers' Narratives Predict their Adolescents' Memories for Childhood Abuse Experience.
  • Parent Styles of Reminiscing with their Own and Unfamiliar Children.
  • How do Illustrations Affect Parent Story-Reading Behavior and Preschooler's Story Recall.
  • Childhood Autobiographical Memories in Adolescents with and without Abuse Histories: Links to Well Being.
  • Exploring the link between knowledge and memory. Children's memory and the developing knowledge base.
  • Mothers' and children's memories for family trauma: Predictors of concordant and discordant accounts.


PhD, University of Kansas
BA, University of Arizona


  • PSYC 212 - Life Span Developmental Psych