Advice to Avoid Stress During Finals

Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Look at me avoiding exclamation marks! I have three massive projects to complete by the end of finals week. One is an intensification project and thus my own doing, but the latter two are final essays assigned to everyone in class. With that said, I have learned a lot about college life over the past year and a half.

First, make sure to drink caffeinated beverages to increase your chances of staying up-to-date with the assigned readings. You will avoid stress and smile more often. Do so in moderation. Second, when you are at home for the weekend you are not allowed to spend excess time looking at photo albums, listening to music, or doing chores for your parents instead of doing research for final projects. You may want to relieve anxiety and/or help your family. You can be a calm-and-collected Good Samaritan in moderation and at the right moment. Third, if your visit to a new-friend’s dormitory is not reciprocated, then the relationship is not worth continuing. There must be mutual interest if you expect a lasting connection. Fifth, keep a notebook with you at all times to write down possible topics, themes, conflicts etc. for course essays. Sixth, the workers down at the Cyber Café will not let you buy two meal-exchanges for yourself at one time. Do not waste your time or plan-points. Seventh, when you have all four of your wisdom teeth removed, you should rest in bed the following day no matter how little your mouth hurts. Also, do not have them removed during Thanksgiving break- your stomach will not be ready for the big meal and the Vicodin will not help you focus on homework. Finally, go to your weekly workshift especially when you are stressed out over homework. There is a reason why you do more with your life than write essays and study for exams- let your mind rest by focusing on a completely different task while receiving an hourly-wage. I recommend applying for a Institutional Advancement phonathon position, or keep a look out for a future blogger position.

I may be ranting right now, but I am not the only sophomore who thinks that the first semester of year-two at Hogwarts- I mean Dominican University- has been a stressful adventure. Do you know what brings me peace when I feel stressed out? No, not a Fiber-One bar. Music is the answer! Please take a moment now to listen to the provided song. New York, NY, by Chronic Future

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