Sally Giannetti ’00 founds imported food company, Giannetti Artisans


Sally Giannetti ’00, founder of Giannetti Artisans, held a food-tasting event at Pasta Fresh in Chicago on Dec. 3

December 5, 2016

Sally Giannetti ’00, founder of Giannetti Artisans, brought a piece of Italy with her to the Chicago area on Dec. 3 and held a food-tasting event at Pasta Fresh.

Giannetti majored in business and Italian at Dominican and said she would often travel back and forth to Italy. After a study abroad program in Florence, she decided she wanted to move there. After doing sales for several years, Giannetti decided two years ago that she wanted to start her own business, Giannetti Artisans.

Giannetti said she felt the United States didn't have a lot of traditional, truly Italian, artisan foods.

"I wanted to make the foods that my dad would bring back to the United States from Italy," she said. "I wanted to create my own brand, and that's what I did!"

In order to find authentic foods for her business, she said she travels around Italy to find the best artisan producers and selects the products herself. She said that Giannetti Artisans offers regional food that she feels are of the highest quality.

For information on Giannetti Artisans, visit the official website.

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