Jim Kozyra ’06 stars in 'The Jamz', available on Netflix


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May 11, 2016

Jim Kozyra ’06
, a mainstay in Chicago theatre and improv, is starring in a brand new show called "The Jamz", available on Netflix. The show premiered April 30 on the nation's most popular video streaming platform. 

The half-hour workplace sitcom is the brainchild of co-creators Kozyra and Chris Petlak - also the show’s co-stars and co-writers. The independent project, funded and produced by The Orchard and NYTVF Productions, examines the fictional world of 101.7 THE JAMZ, Chicago’s No. 1-rated radio station. The show centers around the exploits and misfortunes of Jay-Jay (Petlak) and Fitzy (Kozyra), two of the station’s DJs.

The four-episode series has been available on iTunes since April 12. The show itself has been in production for over four years, starting when Petlak and Kozyra initially created it as a web series. The pair created 20 three-minute episodes which developed a small, but loyal, online following from family and friends. 

In October 2014, they submitted the series to the New York Television Festival, where it won a development deal, before finally getting the Netflix distribution deal it has now. The show will be available on Netflix for a minimum of two years. If it gets high ratings and high viewership numbers, any studio or distributing company would be able to pick it up and order more episodes. 

The Jamz” is a fast-paced comedy that throws the jokes at viewers quickly, providing several twists and turns while also connecting with audiences.

“The show has an ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ type of vibe,” Kozyra said. “It also has a ‘30 Rock’ and ‘Arrested Development’ type of vibe. It’s kind of in that sweet spot. If you want there to be more shows like that, you have to watch those shows. I think if people watch it they won’t be disappointed. We think it’s funny. We think it’s good; we’re happy with the final product. For me, the only thing I would have to be nervous about is whether or not people find it — whether or not we get eyes on it. We think once people watch it they’ll like it. It’s just about getting eyes to it. The road to success is hopefully paved with good reviews and high viewing numbers."

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