Anna Dominguez ’09 Presents Retirement Gift to Abby Wambach


Anna Dominguez ’09, a Chicago tape artist named Queen of Tape, recently presented a retirement gift to United States soccer star Abby Wambach. Dominguez was on the field for the retirement ceremony prior to Wambach’s final game, which was played on December 16 at The Superdome in New Orleans.

Dominguez graduated from Dominican University with a degree in Studio Art and Education. Dominguez’s art is made with only adhesive tape in which she refers to as "Tapings".

Dominguez has done artwork for celebrities, professional athletes and charities. Dominguez’s artwork has been featured on ABC 7, Fox 32, PBS, WCIU, Fox Soccer and WYCC. Her artwork is also sponsored by The Duck Brand tape company.

To view more of Dominguez’s artwork, visit her website, Facebook page, Instagram page or Twitter profile.

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