Caroline Borucki '09

Caroline Borucki ’09 is known for her great attitude and style. An apparel design major and studio art and photography minor at Dominican, she helped launch one of the most successful brands of custom messenger bags in the country.

After graduation, she landed a job at Chrome Bags. She currently works in product development and creates custom bags for bike messengers that boast a lifetime warranty and are beloved by the cycling community.

Chrome Bags’ Chicago location is only the company’s third store in the United States. Borucki was with the company while the store was being built, and since then has collaborated with the company president on several long-term initiatives.

“I speak to [the president] on a weekly basis,” she says. “I have so much say in everything. I can tell him, for example, that a lot of people are asking for coral, so that’s a color we’ll get for the season." 

After just three months on the job, Borucki was sent to Las Vegas for the InterBike Expo, where she was put to the test, creating more than 30 bags in three days.

She has also designed bike shorts for a model featured in the Thought You Knew 2012: Bicycle Chick Pinup Calendar, which proved to be so popular that Borucki reports that Chrome is thinking of selling the shorts in stores this summer.

Borucki claims that the top-notch training she received from professors and access to Dominican's industrial machines during college has proved vital in working for a company that prides itself on the quality and durability of its products.

“I was a little scared to use them while I was here at Dominican, but that’s all I use now and I can’t go back to the typical home machine,” she says.