Health care professionals are in great demand everywhere. Dominican will give you the skills you need to provide compassionate care in the health-related field of your choice.

Our society faces an increasing need for health care professionals who are skilled, caring, deeply educated, and inspired to do the most important work of our time. 

Dominican University is ideally positioned to meet this challenge. Our academic programs in the health sciences are renowned, innovative and growing. Today, more than one-fourth of our graduates pursue careers of compassionate service in those vital and expanding professions. 

The College of Health Sciences works to address the academic and professional needs of students in health-related fields. Established in 2016, the college expands educational and professional opportunities for a new generation of students. It builds on Dominican’s established strengths in the social and natural sciences with outstanding programs in nursing, nutrition and dietetics, and medical science. It supports new and emerging styles of learning and pedagogy, and provides for an increased emphasis on student-faculty collaborative research. Most significantly, it looks outward to the community it serves, enabling the university to do its part to address critical shortages of health care professionals in the state and around the nation. In short, the College of Health Sciences advances Dominican University’s indispensable efforts to meet the challenges of its times and the needs of its students and society.

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