International Relations & Diplomacy

The major in international relations and diplomacy is designed to prepare students to enter into the foreign service or into international agencies on the private, governmental, or worldwide level. Examples of such organizations - with headquarters in the United States or abroad - are CARE, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (part of NAFTA), or the World Bank. 

Preparation for graduate school, for students wishing to specialize in a certain area, is also provided. Further information on international career opportunities is available from the major advisor. 

A background in international studies and in at least one foreign language are considered essential for competitiveness in the international field. The student will work with the major advisor to develop a coherent course of studies for his or her area of interest.

David Dolence
Department Chair
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Office: Fine Arts 311

Students considering graduate studies should consult an advisor about taking Political Science 376 Introduction to Methodology. In addition to the courses listed here, Study Abroad 403 China: Modernization and Tradition, is also available for political science credit. Students are urged to consider this opportunity to study abroad. Internship experience is also critical to a competitive political science degree. Please consult an advisor about the many internship opportunities.


Advising Worksheets

Current students, access advising worksheets here