English Department

If you love to read and are a good writer, you should consider majoring in English. 

English majors study the works of great writers to deepen their understanding of themselves and the broader world. Majoring in English helps students develop skills in creative thinking, critical reading and effective writing. 

The faculty provides a one-on-one focus designed to improve each student’s writing abilities. Student and professor review drafts together, discuss using source material and building arguments, and fine-tune the student’s grasp of writing mechanics. The result: better, more confident and capable writers. 

The English department aims to develop knowledge and appreciation of literature in English and of the various cultures, beliefs, and experiences expressed in this literature, as well as the faculty of sound criticism and skill and grace in English expression as a means of personal development and professional preparation. The Department of English offers three areas of concentration in the English major:

Concentration in Literature

The English major with a concentration in literature focuses on the study and analysis of important works of literature in English from the eighth century to the present within a historical context. This concentration serves as an excellent preparation for graduate study in literature, library science, law, and other careers.

Concentration in Writing

The English major with a concentration in writing offers students instruction in the principles of good writing, acquaintance with models of good writing, and opportunities to practice their craft in a variety of genres. This concentration prepares students for graduate study in writing or literature and for professional positions in publishing, business, and not-for-profit organizations.

Concentration in English Education

The English major with a concentration in English education offers students broad study of important works in literature in English during various periods within a historical context. It is designed to help prepare students for the teaching profession and also for graduate study in English or education.

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Department Chair
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Career Opportunities

Many English majors go to graduate school, and the rich and varied undergraduate education they receive at Dominican is the perfect starting point for graduate education. 

Perhaps the classic career path for English majors is to become teachers after graduation. Many do—that’s why Dominican offers the concentration in English Education, precisely tailored to get Dominican graduates into the classroom as quickly as possible. 

Law school, library school and publishing are other traditional favorites among English majors. 

But English majors who learn how to emphasize the many “transferable skills” they gained during their time at Dominican—being able to think clearly, learn quickly, write well and see both the larger context and fine details—will find employers in many fields who welcome them. 

Some jobs held by Dominican English graduates include: 

  • Grants manager, large Chicago nonprofit
  • Assistant director, market research firm
  • General counsel, major corporation
  • Investment representative, investment banking firm
  • English teacher in Japan
  • Promotions coordinator, local parenting magazine
  • Playwright

Advising Worksheets

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