Chemistry plays a central role in both basic (“pure”) and applied research, either standing alone or in conjunction with other physical or biological sciences. 

Dominican’s chemistry major prepares students for entry-level employment in chemical and pharmaceutical companies or for graduate school. Further opportunities exist in secondary education, the health science professions and patent law. 

The curriculum provides a broad base of knowledge in traditional areas of chemical endeavor, specifically analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemistry. Course work and experimental design experience prepare students for industrial and government laboratory employment, as well as for further education in graduate or professional school. Non-major courses offer opportunities to explore the significance of chemistry in everyday life and provide a basis for subsequent science-related courses in the Elementary Education, Nursing, and Nutrition Sciences programs. 

Majors in chemistry may elect to earn the Bachelor of Science degree or the Bachelor of Arts degree. Major requirements are the same for both degrees.

J. Brent Friesen, PhD
Department Chair
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