Honors Alumni

Geraldine Holmes '14

Doing scientific research with sea slugs, beetles and bacteria as an undergraduate at Dominican University helped Geraldine Holmes ’14 get accepted into a prestigious PhD program at the University of Victoria in Victoria, Canada—tuition-free, with housing and a generous stipend. Holmes is pursuing a PhD in evolutionary biology with an emphasis in plant genetics.

Kerri Doherty ’13

After double majoring in English Literature and European History, Kerri Doherty ’13 received funding from the Alpha Chi Benedict Graduate Fellowship to pursue her master's degree at the University of York in England. She says the Honors Program helped her make the most of her education at Dominican University.

Tera Chun ’08

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Theology and then teaching on the south side of Chicago, Tera Chun ’08 is now a religion teacher in Ohio. She says she uses what she learned in the Honors seminars to encourage her students who want to look deeper into things and investigate further.