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Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Cook, Timothy Adjunct Faculty, English
Cooper, Helen Adjunct Faculty, Art
Costanzo, Dianne Lecturer, LAS Seminars, English x6582
Cote de Luna, Jeffery Professor, Painting and Drawing, Art Department x6842
Craig, David Chair, Natural Sciences Department, Professor, Biology x6899
Creger, Amber Adjunct Faculty, Graduate School of Library and...
Crement, Anthony Clinical Assistant Professor, Business Ethics, Brennan... x5982
Cressman, Jodi Founding Director, Center for Teaching and Learning... x5263
Crowley, Bill ProfessorGSLIS x6513
Crump, Julius Adjunct Faculty, Theology
Cutler, Miriam Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Education
Datte, Hippolyte Adjunct Faculty, Math x6997
Davlin, Mary Clemente Professor, English x5997
DeAvila, Maria Spanish x6869
Del Negro, Janice Associate Professor, GSLIS x6871
Diamond, Bonnie Adjunct Faculty, School of Education
Dickinson, Joann Adjunct Faculty, Political Science
Doherty Lissuzzo, Andrea Adjunct FacultyGraduate School of Social Work
Dolence, David Assistant Professor, Political Science x5969
Dolins, Barry Adjunct Faculty, Music
Dominguez-Ramos, Noelia Adjunct Faculty, Spanish
Douge, Angela Adjunct Faculty, Nutrition Sciences x5285
Drame, Aly Assistant Professor, History x5974
Dropik, Melonie Lecturer, School of Education x5181
Drougas, Anne Professor, Finance and Quantitative Methods, Brennan... x6938
Dunn, Jennifer Associate Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences x6589
Durham, Nedra Adjunct FacultySchool of Education
Eiger, Stephanie Adjunct Faculty, Honors Program
Elder, Jacqueline Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology x6583
Elsener, Anne Assistant Professor of Education, School of Education x5175