Lisa Newell
Adjunct Faculty - Apparel Design and Merchandising
Daria Newfeld
Assistant Professor, Finance, Brennan School of Business
(708) 488-5051
Clinton Nichols
Adjunct Faculty - Criminology
Nkuzi Nnam
Professor - Philosophy; Discipline Director Black World Studies
(708) 524-6952
Timothy Noffsinger
Adjunct Faculty - Mathematics
Kathleen O'Connor
Assistant Professor - Psychology
(708) 524-6583
Alison O’Connor
Adjunct Faculty - School of Education
Robert O'Connor
Adjunct Faculty - Psychology
(708) 386-1761
Ezelagu Obasi
Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry
Kathleen Odell
Associate Professor, Economics; Co-Director, Center for Global Peace Through Commerce, Brennan School of Business
(708) 488-5394
Wanda Oehrli
Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry
Martin Okoro
Adjunct Faculty - Black World Studies
Amy Omi
Adjunct Faculty - Music
Jose Oporto
Adjunct Faculty - Graduate School of Social Work
James Osbesen
Adjunct Faculty - English
Liesl Orenic
Department Chair; Professor - History; Discipline Director American Studies
(708) 524-6981
Ariel Orlov
Distance Learning, Instruction, and Reference - Rebecca Crown LIbrary
(708) 524-6870
Gema Ortega
Lecturer - English
(708) 524-6978
Fred I. Oskin
Adjunct Faculty - Graduate School of Social Work
Devovora Papatheodorou
Adjunct Faculty - Music