Paris, France

Essentials of French Fashion

*For Apparel Majors and Minors only

Next Offered: Fall semester  2018

Dominican University / Paris American Academy 

STA 393, 394 or 395: Essentials of French Fashion offers apparel majors and minors provides the opportunity to spend fall or spring semester or one month during the summer term in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. It will give students an overview of the French fashion industry, an opportunity to become immersed in a specialization from a French fashion perspective, and a hands-on introduction to the French language and culture. All classes are held in the historic Latin Quarter. Visit the PAA website: Paris American Academy


Academic Program

Students will take all coursework at the Paris American Academy, a bachelor’s degree granting institution offering specializations in Fine Arts, Interior Design and Fashion. It is registered by the Académie de Paris as a private institution of higher learning.  All participants are required to attend classes 4-5 days per week for a minimum of 7 hours per day.


  • Essentials of French fashion: an overview of the French Fashion Industry which provides a foundation for each of the specializations 
  • Specializations:
    • Design Process
    • Couture Practices
    • Fashion Merchandizing and Communication
  • French course at the appropriate level (beginning, intermediate or advanced)
  • Students will register for STA 393, 394 or  395

Currently enrolled students may not opt for the satisfactory/unsatisfactory option for this course.

  • Start application by clicking on "apply now" link in the upper right corner of this page.
  • Complete application form of Paris American Academy + mini portfolio
  • Submit recommendation by professor in Apparel department
  • Request official transcript to be sent to AEC.
  • Submit all above application materials to the AEC
  • Pay application fee directly to the PAA  (link)
  • Deadline to submit to Tracy Jennings for approval: TBD
  • Deadline to submit to AEC: TBD
  • Applications will be mailed from the AEC to the PAA.

For more information, please contact Sue Ponremy, director international studies, at or call (708) 524-6965.

Cost and Financial Aid

Estimated Costs

  • Fall 2017 program fees: $15,000 (includes PAA  tuition, shared apartment housing, health insurance, group excursions,  Dominican University administrative fees) N.B. Fees may vary according to exchange rate
  • PAA application fee: $85 (paid directly to PAA)  
  • Round trip airfare: $1,400-1,600 (estimated)
  • Meals/personal expenses: $3800-$4000(estimated)
  • Supplies/books: $800 (estimated) 
  • Optional excursions at additional cost

Due to fluctuation of exchange rates, the cost of the program is subject to change.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Federal and Dominican aid is applicable
  • Students: By studying abroad, you may have additional options for funding assistance. Please see a Dominican University Financial Aid Officer.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Open to currently enrolled Dominican University apparel students only
  • Junior or senior status as of start of program
  • 2.8 DU GPA
  • Apparel majors and minors only
  • Recommendation of Apparel department
  • Students must attend at least one information session.

Excursions, Housing and Transportation

Immersion and Excursions

  • Administrative staff on site
  • One-day orientation and welcome
  • Museum visits
  • Paris city tour


  • Shared apartments for 2-4 students
  • Cooking facilities and shared amenities
  • Accommodations within one mile radius of classroom building


  • Round trip airfare: $1,200-1,400 (estimated)