Degree requirements

• Satisfactorily complete 33 semester hours of credit while maintaining a minimum grade point average of 3.0 out of 4.0.

• Successfully complete a minimum of 480 hours of a child life clinical internship or fellowship under the direct supervision of a certified Child Life Specialist in a hospital setting.


Certification Procedure for Child Life Specialist Credential 

• You must pass the Child Life Professional Certification Exam to earn certification in Child Life.

• Before taking the examination, you must establish academic and clinical experience eligibility.

• It is your responsibility to initiate the Eligibility Assessment Service from the Child Life Council,

which requires the submission of transcripts, verification of the successful completion of clinical practice and a fee.

• The Child Life Council reviews the materials and makes an eligibility determination.

• Once eligibility is granted, you can register for the Child Life Professional Certification Exam.

• If you achieve a passing score on the exam you become a nationwide certified Child Life Specialist for a five-year period.

• Certification is renewable at the end of each certification period.