Pathways to Distinction 2010-2015 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning (like student learning) is most profound and transformative at the intersection of ideas. The challenge is to truly integrate the pieces of the plan, rather than merely assemble them.

Pathways to Distinction is both the plan title and the focus for the next five years of Dominican University. Distinction is defined as a mix of internal quality and external reputation. Dominican aspires to be a premier, Catholic, teaching university, well respected among its peers, and widely recognized for specific, programmatic strengths.

This plan identifies 10 transforming Initiatives drawn from board-approved goals and objects and from the unit operating plans of the university. In addition, the plan is anchored by four integrating academic foci: interdisciplinary/integrative studies, global citizenship, civic engagement, and research and scholarship. Academic leadership has been challenged to identify centers of distinction that drive resource allocation and development.

The planning process for Pathways to Distinction has introduced Dominican to a new level of data-informed decision-making. New enrollment forecasting and financial aid leveraging models have been introduced to better predict the optimum mix of students, programs and delivery systems, all of which tie to budget. We are particularly excited about the university’s new planning website that will not only monitor progress dynamically, but also communicate accomplishments to stakeholders.

In all, this plan represents the voice of a maturing institution, with all the complexities, challenges and aspirations that the voice incorporates.