"Can Veritas be Truth-full without Caritas?"

Fr. Maurizio Binaghi, Kathleen Mullaney, Tina Taylor-Ritzler, MaDonna Thelen and Jamie Zwijack Veritas reveals itself through acquired knowledge and through meaningful engagement and relationship where acquired knowledge is tested against real life. Caritas is the way to access meaningful engagement and relationship and is meant to foreshadow the truly humane global community God wills for all humanity. Caritas is essential for veritas to be revelatory of ultimate meaning. If we are to teach truth and engage academically in the search for truth, we must also engage in caritas, for truth lies somewhere in the balance between acquired knowledge and the wisdom learned in relationship and engagement. This workshop examines the power of caritas to inform veritas as experienced through the lives of students engaged in service learning, and through the lived realities of Dominican University’s community partners.