Caritas Veritas Symposium


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The Caritas Veritas Symposium is a treasured annual tradition at Dominican University. For one day during the fall semester, the entire university comes together to explore the meaning of our mission and motto through formal papers, panel presentations and interactive workshops. 

During the day, the regular class schedule is suspended so that students, faculty and staff can give presentations or attend other presentations.

Caritas et Veritas in Community
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

At the fifth annual symposium, we gather around the theme “Caritas et Veritas in Community” to explore the relevance of our motto for the world in which we live—a world rich in diversity, yet marred by inequality.  Amidst this reality, in community, we live our lives.  Community simplifies.  Community complicates.  Community is chosen and unchosen.  We invite the entire Dominican community—faculty, staff, students, trustees and alumnae/i—to contemplate these questions.

How do love and truth inform:

  • the tension between personal identity and group membership?
  • the dynamics of living in diverse communities?
  • our grappling with inequality among and within groups?

Presentations will include formal papers, panel presentations, roundtable discussions and interactive workshops.
See the full program.

Registration to attend the symposium is now closed.

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