5.1.10 Access to Residence Halls

Only Residence Life staff members are permitted in the residence halls.  All other university personnel who are on official University business are permitted into the residence halls with the approval of the Residence Life staff and/or Security staff. All other visitors, including law enforcement officials visiting the residence halls, must restrict their presence to the common public areas unless accompanied by a Residence Life staff and/or Security staff member. Maintenance staff and custodians working in the private areas should be wearing uniforms and all staff members entering the residence halls must have Dominican University identification. Anyone without an ID who claims to be a staff member or privately contracted by the University must present to Campus Safety and Security and obtain proper ID and visitor's pass.

Anyone in the building, staff member or visitor, who is a guest of a resident needs to be escorted through the building by the resident and officially check in to the residence halls at the Coughlin Commons Resource Desk. This is crucial to the safety of everyone in the building.