For a More Just and Humane Campus

Affirmation of Community Values:

Dominican University’s mission of “prepar[ing] students to pursue truth, to give compassionate service, and to participate in the creation of a more just and humane world” can only be fully enacted within a learning community that embodies, engages, and values the spiritual, racial, cultural, economic, and educational diversity of contemporary America and the world. Translating Dominican’s twin values of veritas and caritas into practice requires that each person who studies, teaches, works, or lives within the university community, as well as all those with whom we interact, be respected and cared for as a unique individual, within an environment that affirms our shared humanity and pursues the common good.

  • Our Catholic and Sinsinawa Dominican identity, mission, and legacy all affirm the inherent dignity, value, and equality of each human person.
  • Our Dominican pursuit of truth, service, and social justice is firmly grounded in our shared values and aspirations as a Catholic community—that is, we are a community defined by a spirit of inclusion, mutual respect, civility, empathy, hospitality, and caring.
  • We all learn and achieve more by engaging our multiplicity of human perspectives and differences with authentic empathy. These differences include, but are not limited to: race, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, gender, sexual identity and orientation, age, socio-economic status, military status, physical and intellectual abilities, and ways of knowing.
  • We acknowledge that our Dominican community does not and should not exist in isolation from the multiple communities that surround us; we are deeply implicated in the spiritual, social, economic, and cultural dynamics of the world we inhabit and aspire to change.
  • Our institutional mission, vision, and values must always consciously be translated into specific actions, behaviors, procedures, and patterns of mutual accountability—not merely assumed.

The policies, procedures, and protocols articulated here, then, not only ensure the University’s compliance with various federal, state, and local laws, but are deeply grounded in Dominican’s identity and culture of commitment to social justice and the common good.

Affirmation of Academic Freedom