That's Dominican ™


When we think about our day-to-day life at Dominican University there are certain feelings and words that come to mind. Whether you teach, attend classes, or help students in other ways, we all create the brand through these interactions.

Who we are as a community grew out of our mission, we are learners and educators, that is our vision and our identity.

Whether you are Pepsi-Cola, Harvard University, Disney World or Dominican University, brand is ultimately about the relationship between the organization and an individual.

Brand distills who we are and what we offer as a school to prospective students, donors and alumnae/i in different ways. It is the way we meet with students who are considering attending Dominican. It is in the language we use on our website. It is the advertising you see in a magazine. It is the way we answer the telephone at the switchboard. It is how a professor helps a student untangle a knotty accounting problem. It is about fueling a passion for Shakespeare. It is about opening the door of community service. It is about late night heart to heart talks with your roommate. It’s about celebrating our founder, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, over a bowl of pasta every November. It’s about buying a ticket through Student Involvement and attending a Chicago Cubs game. It is even as mundane as how we put our posters up around campus. Remember your mother’s words: “ Appearances count.”

Sounds simple, but the sum of all these seemingly small interactions add up to a significant experience. And at the heart of this branding project is how we show who we are and what we stand for to the rest of the world.