Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees 2015-2016

Kevin M. Killips ’79, Chair
Daniel C. Hill, Vice Chair
Donna M. Carroll, Ex Officio

Tom Abrahamson
Patricia O’Neill Baker ’78, MBA ’90
Mary E. Callow ’67
Gregory W. Cappelli MBA ’92
Mark Carroll
Daniel J. Cronin
Mary Ann Cronin
Paul Darley
Thomas R. Dee ’83, MBA ’93
Manuel Flores ’96
Gabe Gongora, Student Trustee*
Mary Jo Herseth*
Bernadine Karge, OP*
Douglas Keberlein Gutiérrez, Faculty Trustee
Anne M. Kohler ’81
Patricia A. Mulcahey, OP ’63
Kevin McCoyd, MD
Martin J. Noll*
Antonio Ortiz
J. David Pepper
Nancy C. Rodriguez ’67
Mary Schneider '66*
Mary Jo Schuler
Steve Thomma '76
Cindy Brennan Walls*
James Winikates MBA ’06

*Pending BOT meeting of October 1,2015

Richard M. King MBA '83, Trustee Emeritus
Carolyn J. Noonan Parmer ’52, Trustee Emerita
M. Catherine Crowley Ryan ’61, Trustee Emerita
Mary Rathert, OP ’65, Corporate Liaison


Corporate Members

Mary Ellen Gevelinger, OP ’65
Mary Howard Johnstone, OP
Pamela Mitchell, OP
Kathleen Phelan, OP
Mary Rathert, OP ’65
Julie Schwab, OP
Kathleen Theis, OP ’65

Officers of the University

Donna M. Carroll

Jeffrey Breese
Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs

Amy McCormack MBA ’95
Senior Vice President for
Finance and Administration

Grace Cichomska
Vice President for
University Advancement

Jill Albin-Hill MBA ’06
Vice President for Information
Technology and Chief Information Officer

Claire Noonan
Vice President for Mission and Ministry